Friday Nights, 7:30 p.m. Main Sanctuary

God is moving in the young adults at Reveal Fellowship and the best is yet to come! You will find passionate worship, a hunger for God’s Word, and people who are friendly and very open about their lives. People who come for the first time are usually overwhelmed by the friendships they form very quickly.

We desire to be oracles of God and no longer speak our own words, but speak the very Words of God. With all that’s going on around the world people around us are hungry for answers. It’s not time for people to give their opinions or their educated guesses. We need to hear from God! We need revelation from the Father and it’s time for Jesus’s followers to walk in the power and love of God. Many of the people who come out on Friday evenings are in ministry training through various colleges and worship ministry schools. We see God equipping people on Friday nights to live as overcomers and to change the world around them by laying down their lives for others.

The Holy Spirit is so evident during the service on Friday nights at 7:30pm as we spend a good amount of time celebrating and humbling ourselves before God in worship. After worship we spend time going around the room, providing people the opportunity to give God praise for things that happened in the past week as we desire to be risk-takers for the Kingdom of God. We then study God’s Word together to know Him as He is revealed through the Bible. Expect the service to last close to 2 hours and then people stay after to pray and fellowship. Often we will go out to eat after.

We meet every Friday at 7:30, hope to see you there!