Join the Family

Do you want to become a part of the REVEAL Family?

We recognize that everyone who has received Christ as Lord and Savior is a member of the family of
God (John 1:12-13), regardless of denominational affiliation. As a result, that family is large and
extended; yet, there are specific individuals who feel called to be a part of the REVEAL Family. As part
of the discipleship process and equipping of saints for the work of the ministry, anyone who desires
to become an official member of the REVEAL Family should do the following:
1. Be baptized as a believer, either at REVEAL or a previous fellowship.
2. Complete the REVEAL Family application and Family Covenant
3. Read the REVEAL Conflict Resolution Agreement
4. Attend the New To Reveal Reception (please call to ask when the next one is)
5. Agree to the Statement of Faith without reservation (if you have a concern about anything in the Statement of Faith, please make an appointment to speak with an overseer or pastor)
Contact us at (561) 967-3149