New Baby

We know it is awkward being the “new person.”  We understand that and try to do everything we can to make you feel at home when you visit REVEAL.  We are a family that loves Jesus and one another.  We are here to help you wherever you are in your journey with God.  If you stick around long enough we believe you will see other people just like you.

Feel free to browse through the rest of the pages under this section to learn more about us and what to expect.

Below are a couple tips to help you prepare for your first visit:

1.  Dress comfortable and casual.  We are all about keeping it real.  No sense trying to impress God, He already sees right through you, knows everything about you and still loves you!  If you are the type of person that is a little more formal and you like to dress up, that is fine, too.  At REVEAL you may see some people in a button-down shirt and tie and others in shorts and t-shirts.

2.  Bring a bible.  If you don’t have one, one will be provided.  We believe the Bible has the answers for all of our problems, so why not bring the answer key?  The pastors show how the Bible relates to where you are today and where you are going.

3.  Expect to be stretched and grow.  Deep in the heart of every person is a desire to connect with God.  Yet, there is nothing comfortable about God; He is holy and pure, perfect and loving.  None of us measure up to him, and yet being in His presence is where we need to be.  We pray that our worship experience will stretch your view of God’s glory and majesty and that the pastor’s message will grow your faith and view of God and His love for you.

4.  Ask God to speak to you and show you His purpose and plan and whether REVEAL is the place for you.  You can’t decide just by visiting a website, but ask God to prepare your heart for what you are about to experience.  Ask Him to speak to you and for your eyes, ears and heart to be open for what He has to say.

5.  Plan to stick around.  Our services are “Spirit-led,” which means we don’t have a set time schedule or agenda.  Sunday is usually around 90 minutes, but sometimes longer.  You can always feel free to leave early if you have to, but most people find the time flies by and they leave wanting even more.  Wednesday night is a school night so we try to end that one by 8:30 for parents and kids.

6.  When you come, make a point to tell someone that you are new and that this is your first visit.  Being open and honest will help you begin to connect with the others in our fellowship.  God created us for fellowship, but we need to reach out to one another.  Don’t be afraid to initiate, you may make a life-long friend.