It seems like everyone is trying to figure out what box you and I fit in.  As a culture we have created convenient labels to lump certain types of people together.  Although at times some of these labels can be helpful, all of them imply certain assumptions that may or may not be true.  REVEAL Fellowship doesn’t fit into any normal boxes.  We are not opposed to boxes, but we think they are better suited to packages and things that are shipped in the mail.  We are simply a fellowship of believers gathering to study the bible and hear from God.  Both Pastor Dave and Pastor Tye came from the Calvary Chapel movement.  It was a lengthy process, but God led Pastor Dave to the Christian and Missionary Alliance and Tye joined him several months later.

The Christian & Missionary Alliance denomination has a strong missions focus and offers a strong but flexible leadership that brings all the benefits of a denomination without the normal drawbacks.  Being part of the Alliance gives us a great heritage and a solid network of evangelical pastors seeking to see the Great commission fulfilled in our lifetime.  The Alliance traces its roots back to A.B. Simpson, a New York City pastor in the late 1800’s with a burden to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the hungry and hurting.  We place a strong emphasis on church planting and sharing the four-fold gospel: that Jesus came as our savior (to save us from our sins); as sanctifier (to empower us to walk as He walked, in holiness and righteousness); as healer (providing physical and spiritually healing of all types in His timing); and as soon and coming King to set this world right.  If you are not familiar with the Alliance, we encourage you to read A.B. Simpson’s The Four-fold Gospel or any of the great writings by A.W. Tozer (probably the CMA’s most prolific and well-known pastor/teacher).  For more on the Alliance, please visit