Christmas Services

Join us Saturday, December 24 at either 5:00 PM or 7:00 PM as we seek to draw close to God and see Jesus during this special season. R-KiDS ministry will have a special lesson for kids on the real meaning of Christmas. Don’t miss it! Invite a friend or neighbor today!

On Sunday, December 25, we encourage you to have “Church in Your Home!” Take the time to celebrate God’s incredible gift of His Son with your family. There will be no services at Reveal on Sunday, December 25.

Also, the church office will be closed December 26-31. There will be no Wednesday night service that week (December 28) and no prayer meetings on Tuesday and Thursday that week. We will have a regular service on Sunday, January 1.

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  1. C Ford
    C Ford says:

    Hello, if Christmas isn’t biblical and is derived is from pagan worship, why do you not have worship service on Dec 25th? Why does Reveal celebrate Christmas? I struggle with our churches celebrating this pagan holiday. The decorating of trees, the star at the top of the tree, Santa, twisting the celebrating Dec 25th from Tamuz to Jesus to make it appear more Christian…Do you know the history of Christmas? it’s all a tactic of satan to have us as Christians worship other gods. We say it’s all in love and we are putting Christ back into Christmas and our hearts are in the right places but the Bible tells us our hearts are wicked. What about other religions…they believe their hearts are right too. We have this all wrong.

    • Tye
      Tye says:

      Hi Courtney-
      Thanks for your comment and inquiry regarding Christmas. We agree that Jesus wasn’t born on December 25 and that the main reason the early church chose December 25 was to “baptize” the many pagan celebrations coinciding with the winter solstice, Tammuz, etc. Many Christians hear/read about the origins of Christmas and miss some of the other details. By the 16th and 17th centuries, celebrations of Christmas (especially here in the U.S.) had all but died out due to puritans avoidance of paganism. In the 1800, Christmas was revived, primarily here in the United States and this time the focus was on Jesus’s birth. Most people today have no idea who Tammuz was or any association with Christmas with paganism (other than Santa and materialism). Instead most people associate Christmas with celebrating Jesus birth. Is it wrong to celebrate Jesus’s birthday? I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. No one actually knows the exact date (of course it was most likely in the fall, and quite likely around the Feast of Tabernacles- see my message on that for more details). SO, if we are going to “STUDY to show yourselves approved” – it is important to take a biblical look at the issue. Paul told the Corinthian church that it was acceptable to eat meat sacrificed to an idol (1 Cor. 10:14-31). An idol is nothing and we have freedom in Christ to eat. If there is someone else present then out of respect for the other brother we may choose to not eat. Christmas is very similar. For most people their association is the birth of Christ. For other it is the pagan traditions. At Reveal, in order to respect both, we choose to do so by not having Christmas trees in our building. We also have Christmas eve services because it is one of 2 days a year that MANY unbelievers choose to come to church. We see it as a huge evangelistic opportunity. Also, Paul tells us about observing “special days” in Romans 14:5–6 “One person esteems one day above another; another esteems every day alike. Let each be fully convinced in his own mind. He who observes the day, observes it to the Lord; and he who does not observe the day, to the Lord he does not observe it…” For some Christmas is a “special day.” If they feel led to observe it, then they should observe it. If you feel led not to observe it, then don’t observe it. We believe there is more to this than simply a history lesson on the internet. Also, to answer your question “why do you not have worship service on Dec 25th?” – We are having worship service/church on December 25 – it is in people’s homes. The leadership prayed about it and felt that because we put such an effort into our Christmas Eve services and stretch our volunteers to the limit that night, that it was important for people to spend time with their families (many who have traveled far distances) the next day. What better time to gather the family together and talk about Jesus and have “church in your home?” Church is not a building or an event, it is when believers come together to celebrate the Lord. For more information, please listen to Pastor Tye’s message, “Christmas or Chanukah? Which is Biblical?” Blessings to you in your pursuit of Jesus 🙂


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