Christmas Offering 2014



The Christmas Offering is our chance to give back to the Lord to impact people that are close to the heart of God. Over and above what we normally give through our tithes and offerings, this is simply a gift presented to the Lord, much like the Wiseman or Magi did in Jesus day. Pray about what God would have you and your family give. This year our pastors feel that God wants us to reach 5 groups of people: the orphan (SafePlace), the abused (Well of Sychar), our online community (video outreach), addicts (FaithFarm), and those who are far from God (The Great Commission Fund). Summaries of each ministry opportunity are below as well as an FAQ section about the Christmas Offering.

If the Lord is leading you to give, you can do so by marking “Christmas Offering” on your check or tithe envelope. You can also give online by clicking here.


SafePlace is a shelter for abused, abandoned and neglected children that come into foster care. Traditionally, kids that come into foster care are carted around in the back of a car while a case worker makes calls to try to find a home for the child. The child hears the conversation on the phone, which usually involves information that negatively impacts the already traumatized child. They really shouldn’t be hearing that conversation or hearing the rejection, as it can often take hours, days or even in some cases weeks to place a child. Now with SafePlace, kids are checked into this facility where the administrative part is handled up front in an office where the kids can’t hear. They are then welcomed by staff from 4Kids of South Florida, a Christian foster care agency, who make sure these kids are loved on, prayed over, and shown the love of Jesus. These children will stay at SafePlace until an appropriate foster home is found for them. Some will go into 4Kids Homes (Christian homes), others will go into homes from other agencies depending on who has an available bed (there is a HUGE need for additional Christian foster homes). SafePlace is not far from Reveal, located on Okeechobee Blvd near Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. Pray for SafePlace and how to be part of loving these kids.

Well of Sychar is a FREE counseling service for women who have been victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse. This type of abuse can leave huge wounds on the soul that require the right counselor, plenty of time and perseverance to find healing and freedom. We have had women from our fellowship find healing and freedom from Well of Sychar. If you are one of the many women who have been victimized and you want to find healing, be sure to contact The Well of Sychar and set up an appointment. They hope to open an emergency shelter for women and children in the near future.

Video Outreach – We recognize that video plays a huge impact on the minds and hearts of people. We have a number of snowbirds who have asked if we could stream our services so that they could watch the services when they are out of town. Others who have been sick and didn’t want to spread germs (thank you) have asked if they could stream the service. In order to do it effectively, we need to purchase some specific video equipment. We also need to train personnel on how to operate it. We have no desire to be a TV church or try to create some TV studio during our services. Our heart is to simply provide for a need in our body and also reach those who don’t live close enough to worship with us. If you live locally and are thinking you can just stay home and watch on the internet, that is NOT what this is for. Nothing can replace live interaction and pray with other believers. Our focus is to reach the lost, the hurting, those going through a desert who need to be refreshed. The Video Outreach will help us do that. If you have experience or knowledge in this area, please speak with Michael Little.

FaithFarm is a local, residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Their focus is to lead people to Jesus and then provide a 9-12 month discipleship program to help them walk in victory over their idols of drugs and alcohol. The program is free because of their thrift store and donations from churches and individuals. Hundreds of people each year find freedom through FaithFarm and they are just a couple miles away. You can personally and directly support Faith Farm through donations of household goods that you no longer need or shopping at their thrift store. Their store includes traditional thrift store goods as well as use and new furniture. Be sure to stop by the store.

The Great Commission Fund is an outreach of the Christian & Missionary Alliance. Through the GCF we are partnering with other churches to help plant churches worldwide. The C&MA (Christian & Missionary Alliance) has been planting churches for over a hundred years. The C&MA has a presence in every country in the world and is seeking to fulfill the Great Commission to “Go therefore and make disciples of ALL NATIONS…” (Matthew 28:18). Will you help us reach the lost?



Can I give directly to the outreach that I want to support? Yes, if you want to specify you can certainly do that on your check or in the memo line with online giving. Money that is unspecified but listed for the Christmas Offering will be divided up as the Lord leads the Board at our next meeting.

How much money is needed? We estimate that we will need $20-25,000 to adequately fund each project or ministry. If more money is raised, then each ministry listed above will be supported at a higher level. Every dollar that is given will go into one of the 5 outreaches mentioned.

How are the outreaches chosen? The pastors and leaders pray to ask God what he would have us do this year. The leaders seek confirmation and unity in the decision.

Are other ministries supported by Reveal Fellowship? Yes! We support several ministries including Gospel for Africa, Amazon Reach (Brazil), missionaries in Mexico, The Timothy Initiative (Pastor David Nelms) and others. The 5 outreaches mentioned above are new opportunities for us to engage our community and make a difference locally and globally.

Are donations to the Christmas Offering tax deductible? Yes, anything given to the Christmas Offering or Reveal Fellowship prior to midnight on December 31 can be deducted from your 2014 taxes.

Do you have a question that wasn’t answered above? Send an email to Pastor Tye at

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